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Online listing to follow-up the cases of mining lease applications saved under Section 10A(2)(c) of the MMDR Act

The MMDR Act has been amended with effect from 12th Jan, 2015, which has envisaged the ineligibility of all the existing applications for grant of mineral concession, barring the ones saved under the Section 10A(2) of the Act. The mining lease applications which have been saved are covered under the section 10A(2)(c). The section specifies that in such cases the mining lease shall be granted subject to fulfillment of the conditions of the previous approval or of the letter of intent within a period of two years from the date of commencement of the said Act, i.e. 11.01.2016.

2.         It has come to the notice of the Union Ministry of Mines that some of applications for the grant of ML which are saved under Section 10A(2)(c) of MMDR, 2015, are pending with State Governments for taking decisions. Some of them are also pending with the Ministry of Environment & Forest and Climate Change, Government of India for Environment / Forest Clearances which form part of the conditions laid down in the prior approval/Letter of Intent issued by Central Government/State Government as the case may be.  If these cases are not examined and finalized for appropriate action well before the prescribed time limit of 2 years from 12.01.2015 by the respective authority, they would suo moto lapse.

3.         In order to expedite the disposal of these cases, several State Governments had provided the details of such saved cases, which is listed in 5 different heads-


  1. Tentative list cases where, the processing has not started as the Project Proponent has not submitted required documents for clearances.
  2. Tentative list cases where, required documents have been submitted by Project Proponent but pending for processing / decision by the State Governments.
  3. Tentative list cases which have been processed by State Government but pending for Environment Clearances.
  4. Tentative list cases which have been processed by State Government but pending for Forest Clearances.
  5. Tentative list cases which are pending with Indian Bureau of Mines for mining plan approval.     


4.        All the applicants/ project proponents, whose applications are saved under section 10A(2)(c), are requested to verify/check the status of your individual cases by clicking the link of the respective lists above. Similarly the State Governments and the MoEF&CC are also requested to check the status reflected. In case of any error or discrepancy or if the case is not listed, may provide remarks/ feedback accordingly on below mentioned state-wise emails. The State Governments may also verify/match the details with their records.

























5.         The email should be in the following format –

Subject: Name of the State

Details of the saved case under 10A(2)(C)


S. No.

Name of the Applicant


Area (Hect.)

Village and Dist.

Of mineral listed in the 1st schedule, Date of Approval under 5(1) 

If non-scheduled mineral, Date of Letter of Intent issued








Tabulation of discrepancies / issues in the status reflected in each of the tentative lists.


6.         The feed back on the status of such cases may please be provided before 10th July, 2016. In case of any queries you may contact Shri Adhir Kumar Mallik, Under Secretary, Ministry of Mines, Government of India on 011-23384743