Public Grievances


Public Grievances

In pursuance of the instructions and guidelines issued on 1st March, 1988 by the Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DAR&PG)  to strengthen the internal grievance redressal machinery in each Ministry/ Department of the Central Government, the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Mines has been designated as the Director of Grievances and has been vested with adequate powers  in respect of all matters pertaining to the grievances received in the Ministry. Whenever a grievance is found to be genuine, directives for appropriate corrective measures are given to the concerned executive authorities.

The Ministry of Mines has, under its administrative control, two subordinate offices, three Public Sector Undertakings and three autonomous bodies.  The Chief Executives of the PSUs, the Heads of the subordinate offices and the autonomous offices have been entrusted with the responsibility of strengthening the grievance redressal machinery by designating senior level officers to look after the job and to report directly to the respective Chief Executive/Head. Quarterly reports about the grievances received and disposed of are submitted by these Undertakings,  Subordinate Offices and the autonomous offices to the Ministry. During the year 2008-2009, 58 cases of GSI, IBM, MECL, NALCO and JNARDDC were received; out of which 36 cases have been disposed off. 

The Department of Administrative Reforms & Public Grievances (DAR&PG) has developed the Centralised Public Grievances Redressal & Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) launched for prompt and effective redressal of grievances of citizens.  The system is a single window grievance portal for the Ministries/ Departments/Organisations to record and receive the grievances online and redress them indicating actions at different levels.  The portal also facilitates to receive the grievances lodged online through Internet by the citizens from any geographical location.  Moreover, the system will effectively help monitor the grievances across the PSUs, subordinate and attached organizations and will provide the overall scenario of grievances in the Ministries/ Departments/ Organisations.  The system enables the Departments/ Organisations to settle grievances online and the system eliminates/ reduces correspondence and curtails time for settling grievance.  The Joint Secretary (Mines) reviews the pending cases of Public Grievances on quarterly basis.  The grievance cases are also being reviewed by Secretary (Mines) in Quarterly Performance Review Meetings of these Organisations.

 In order to obviate the tendency of Government employees to seek outside help for redressal of grievances relating to normal service matters, the Government issued instructions in December, 1988 for designating Staff Grievance Officers in the Central Ministries/ Departments and their attached and subordinate offices to deal effectively and adequately with the grievances relating to service matters, like fair promotion, proper medical facilities, granting timely pensionary benefits, etc. The Ministry and the subordinate offices including the PSUs under its administrative control have accordingly designated such Staff Grievance Officers